Feature Plant of the Month - August

Let's talk about Pothos plants!

Pothos plants go by many other names but the scientific name is Epipremnum Aureum. 

Pothos plants are in my top three recommendations for begginers, for low light situations, and easiest to care for. They are unfortunately toxic to pets and people if your pets and people are into consuming them. If they don't eat or bother your plants, you have nothing to worry about. 

There's a great many varietied of Pothos plants, such as Golden, Moonlight, Marble Queen, Jade, Neon, Pearls and Jade, N'Joy, Manjula, Jessenia, Shangri-La, and Shangri Ooh-La-La... I swear there's new varieties every other day, but the latter two are such an amazing version and ones we hope to be importing soon. 

There's also Cebu Blue - which is technically a Epipremnum pinnatum and a Silver Splash Pothos, but again - also a Scindapsus Pictus, but commonly called a Pothos. 

I recommend Pothos plants for a variety of reasons, and believe that it is a plant that is so versatile for everyone. You can make them climb a pole or a trellis - and did you know their leaves get fatter if you let them climb versus vine? You can let them vine or trail too, and also you can keep them cut back for a full looking plant and just keep them trimmed. Depending on where I put it, I have done all three. If you trim them back, they are so easy to propagate to give to friends or make new plants for yourself. 

They are also great in low to bright and indirect light, and super forgiving if you don't water for awhile. They aren't overly fussy, and are generally quick growers. a big hanging basket of Neon Pothos can be such a beautiful pop of colour amongst your darker green foliage too. The best part of Pothos plants is that they require no extra humidity. Make sure you keep their leaves wiped down (I try to do it when I water), so they can be at their peak performance. Try to remember that's how they get their light, and a dusty plant is a plant that isn't living their best life.

We almost always have a variety of Pothos in stock on our website. 

Below is a Golden Pothos

Below is a Neon Pothos

Below is a Marble Queen Pothos

Let us know what your favourite Pothos plant is!

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