Kokedama Instructions

Hey there plant fam! If you've purchased your DIY Kokedama kit, then this post will help you with your instructions. 

Step One 
Take your moss, and cover it with warm water in a bowl and let it rest for a few minutes. Please note, I 100% gave you 2x the amount of moss you'll likely need. Use it on your moisture loving plants, use it for rooting plants, or put a ton of moss on your Kokedama - your choice!

Step Two
Pour excess water out of the moss bowl, pick up moss and squeeze out the water. Also - seriously, smell the moss. It's one of my favourite earthy smells ever. Set it aside until later. 

Step Three
Dump your soil onto a large plate, tray or bowl. One thing I do need to note, is that sometimes when mixing the soil for your Kokedama I miss taking out the odd piece of bark/twig, try to pick those out before squeezing the soil ball.  You are going to add a little bit of water. It should be room temperature, or slightly warm. Do not use cold water, it will shock your plants. The goal now is to make a mud ball that you can hold without falling apart. My best advice for this step is, you actually want to be able to squeeze some water out of your mud ball. Then it's perfect, set it down on your work space.

Step Four
Take your plant out of the planter, and discard as much of the soil as you can, being as gentle as you can to the roots. Put your plant down on your workspace.

Step Five
Pick up your mud ball. Cup it with both hands and twist in opposite directions so you have a half in both hands. Once it's in half, pick up your plant and sandwich it between the halves. Gently place it down.

Step Six
Grab that moss and piece some of it together in the palm of your hand, almost like a moss sheet. Once you have that done, pick up your plant and rest the mud ball part over the blanket of moss. Now you can start placing just a little moss on the portion of the mud ball this is exposed. Once you have that done, you're going to grab the twin and start wrapping. Don't worry about covering the entire thing in moss first, you can wrap and add moss as you go around. 

Step Eight
Wrap the twine until you are happy, then tuck it under a couple of other twine pieces to hold the wrap.

Step Nine
If you don't love it - just undo the twine, take off the moss and rinse it off and start it again. If you do love it, you can place it on a cute tea cup saucer, a wood soap tray or even hang it. 
You'll notice your Kokedama kit likely came with a wood hoop and some extra twine, in case you want to hang it! Here's how. Take that piece of twine, and cut it in half. Once you have two separate pieces, find the middle of each piece. Place the middles on a table to make an X. Place your Kokedama on top of that X. Grab all four strands of twine, and hold above your plant to make a simple hanger. You can tie the wooden hoop on to make it easier to hang from a command hook, nail etc. 

Taking care of your Kokedama

You'll know your kokedama is ready for water, it will feel almost weightless. Put it in to a shallow dish, pour some water into the dish and let it soak the water up. Once it is saturated, let it sit on the edge of your sink to drain the excess water.  You can gently squeeze it, but do so gently if you must.

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