Book a Plant Party

Book your Plant Party! Finally, with restrictions lifting, we're seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. For now, we are going to take bookings for Plant Parties starting the third week of June. Please note that if restrictions should change before your event, the host, or myself become ill, we will cancel and 100% refund your event deposit. 

Right now, there are three possible options for Plant Parties. Our very popular - Kokedama Party, and a Make & Take for the Kids (or adults too)! We have one spot open for some planter boxes too, however, spots will be limited for those ones. 

Kokedama is roughly translated to "moss ball", with the plant roots encased inside of soil and moss. It's a very hands on experience, and if you love feeling connected to soil and earth, and feel grounded when handling plants like I do, this is for you. It's a fun and unique experience. 

Make & Take parties are for painting terracotta pots and planting your plants. We provide you with all the paint, paintbrushes, stencils and more. 

Planter Box Party - you can decorate your planter box, make an arrangement of plants, and decorations to suite your personality! 

Prices vary depending on which size of plants you choose for your party, and we won't be posting the Make & Take dates for a week or two, so just hang in there. 

We take care of all the prep work, the clean-up, and we make sure that you will all know how to take care of your creations!