When are you open?

  • Our hours are flexible and will vary week to week depending on our schedule. 
  • You can find us at the Lethbridge Farmer's Market every Saturday, from May 8 until October 9, 2021. We are there from 8:00 am until 1:00 pm.

Do you ship plants?

  • No, plants are only available for local pickup or local delivery. We are located in West Lethbridge. Local delivery is only available from April  through September.

Where do I pick up my order? (Lethbridge)

  • You will get an e-mail saying your order is ready for pickup, along with pickup instructions. We ask that you only come in the hours stated, and look for your items with your name on them. We are only doing contact free pickup and appreciate you letting us know when you're here, or when you're on your way so we can plan accordingly. 

Do you ship t-shirts and decals?  

  • Yes, shipping is free for shirts and decals, within Canada and the United States.
Do you ship planters or home goods?
  • Not currently, but we plan on adding a shipping option in the near future.

    When can I pickup my order?

    • Typically, within 24 hours. Please check your email confirmation for location and pertinent information. Contact us first to make arrangements, please do not arrive and assume we are here, or available. There are exceptions, of course - as we do take a day off a week, but it can vary. Our most up to date hours are always posted on all our social media accounts. 
    • If you cannot pick your order up within 2 days from the time you get a pickup notification - please let us know. We package orders asap and we don't want your plants to be left in a dark bag for a week. 
    • If you do not make contact after 7 days about your pickup order, your order will be restocked, and cancelled. Any order that is not picked up will be refunded, however the processing fee is non refundable. We do also charge a 10% restocking fee and a $3.00 packaging fee. 

      How can I get a hold of you?

      • You can call or text us at 587-220-7409, we will only answer during the day, from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.
      • You can also email us at hello@myplantlove.com

      Can I cancel my order?

      • Yes, we do charge a 10% restocking fee. If your order has already been packaged and been made ready to go - you will also be charged a $3 packaging fee as well. Please note that the processing fee for paying online is also non-refundable, this is a new change to Shopify, therefore we will also not be refunding the processing fee either. 
      Can I place multiple orders?
      • Yes, we will combine them.

       Can I hold a plant that is coming in?

      • Unfortunately not, it makes it really hard to keep track of inventory. 

      Can I pay you by e-mail money transfer?

      • Not anymore, we take many payment options through our website.
        There is something wrong with my plant/can I return my plant?
        • Plants are from nature, so sometimes things happen, leaves get damaged from shipping or other factors. Plants grow, and if the less "Instagram worthy" parts bother you, cut them off. To be blunt, plants are going to have defects, every plant is imperfect, every plant is Instagram worthy. Let your plant settle in, and do some growing.
        • We do not accept returns on plants, all sales are final. We want to work with you to keep your new plant baby alive. Some plants are high maintenance and need special care, please do your research when purchasing plants. If there is something wrong with your plants, please message us right away. 
        • We require photos right away, especially if you are picking up an order from us. A lot can happen in an hour - like leaving it in your car. We shouldn't be out of pocket because someone made a mistake. I'm happy to work with you and fix the issue, but I'm not happy when people take advantage of a small business. 
        • We are very careful about inspecting plants when they arrive from the supplier. We never enter our inventory in until we have thoroughly looked everything over. The greenhouse treats all plants for pests, as do we when they arrive in order to keep all our plants safe and healthy. There are plants that do come in with webs and active/inactive spider mites. We still treat them and keep any eye on plants for spider mites. As far as greenhouse pests go, they are incredibly common and very easy to get rid of. If for whatever reason yours still has active spider mites, please take out of the pot, rinse, spray with soapy water or insecticidal soap, and repot in fresh soil and a clean pot. You can also look into neem oil, rubbing alcohol or other alternative methods. You won't be refunded even if you have spider mites. Spider mites can happen easily, and if you have had the plant for weeks with no issues, consider using preventive measures, such as neem oil, humidity, wiping your plants down and so on. Spider mites can transfer easily from outside, on your clothing, a breeze blowing through your door. 
        • While we understand letting your plant getting comfortable before replanting, we advise the opposite. Our opinion is that you should take your plant out of the growers pot, even if you are planning on just popping it into a cover pot. Take it out, rinse it (tropicals only), inspect it and repot it in fresh soil and a clean pot. Greenhouse conditions can bring a variety of bugs, including centipedes which are ick - we know, but they aren't harmful to the plant. Certain suppliers use an "organic" soil, which uses bugs as natural pest control. This is only our opinion, we aren't plant experts, we are plant enthusiasts - and are always learning. 
        • You will not receive a refund, credit only. 
        • You should always be putting new plants away from your established plant collection for at least 2-3 watering cycles while checking on it.

        We highly recommend you research the plant you are buying, as not all homes are for all plants.